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L’Italia degli anni di piombo e la crisi delle istituzioni

Italy in the "anni di piombo" and the crisis of institutions


  • Zeffiro Ciuffoletti

Parole chiave:

Anni di piombo, Institutional crisis, Terrorism, Institutional reform, International background


This essay aims to analyze the institutional crisis that during the “anni di piombo”, parallel to the period of the Carter Presidency, interested Italy. The problem of terrorism, the difficulties in the State’s response – especially in comparison with the French and German experiences – and the cyclical formation of highly unstable governments, are just some of the many aspects analyzed. While in the US Carter watched with increasing attention to the issue of human rights – both on an internal level and on an international level – Italy was still facing the specter of terrorist attacks, in a long trail of blood that involved the entire State’s apparatus. The fight against terrorism, led to the logical conclusion of the need to launch a great institutional reform, to strengthen the State and to fully represent the “fase costituente” advocated by De Mita and supported – by following different addresses – also by other political forces.