Cyber-attacks, geopolitica e settore energetico

Cyber-attacks, geopolitics and energy sector


  • Simone Pasquazzi
  • Adriano Savarino Morelli

Parole chiave:

Cyber security, Energy, Geopolitics, War, European Union


With no claim of being exhaustive, this article intends to shed light on the nexus between the cyber domain and the energy sector. In particular, it provides the reader with data concerning: 1) cyber-attacks on energy related targets; 2) the main reasons why such actions are increasing; 3) some related policy points concerning Italy and the European Union. After all, because of its high economic and political relevance, the link between cyber security and the energy domain seems to deserve a growing attention, both at the strategic and operational levels. One of the main indicators showing how cyber security is becoming more and more relevant is exactly the risk of digital attacks against the energy sector. Traditionally exposed to several critical issues dealing with economic trends and geopolitics, as well as various physical threats, the latter in the last decade, and especially in the last three years, has indeed also been facing increasing logical attacks, fueled by factors of instability transcending and intertwining “cybercrime” and “cyberterrorism”, such as COVID-19 and even more the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Also due to changes related to the digital and ecological-energy transitions, such threats could grow further in the coming decade, bringing very significant policy implications for the European Union and its member countries as well.