The phenomenon of Information overload in the digital age in the European framework

Il fenomeno del sovraccarico di informazioni nell'era digitale nel contesto europeo


  • Zuzana Benková

Parole chiave:

Information Explosion, Information Overload, Information Fatigue Syndrome, Information Hygiene, Media Literacy, Digital Environment


The research paper deals with the issue of the phenomenon of information overload as the result of information explosion. It specifically focuses on the amount of data and information in the online environment and the environment of digital media and social networks and points to this issue in the European context. The paper aims to point out the importance of the issue of information overload, also based on demonstrating its impacts and consequences. It also examines the preconditions, causes, and predispositions of information overload and brings possible alternative solutions that could lead to the prevention and elimination of these consequences. At the same time, the paper points to the initiatives of European organizations, institutions, and bodies of the European Union that are actively involved in this issue.