Carlo Cattaneo and the Eastern Europe. The Reception of a Political Project in the Second Post-War Europeanist Movements

Carlo Cattaneo e l'Europa Orientale. La Ricezione di un Progetto Politico nei Movimenti Europeisti del Secondo Dopoguerra


  • Giuliana Podda

Parole chiave:

Carlo Cattaneo, Europeanist Movements, United States of Europe, Eastern Europe, Federalism


The essay aims to highlight the reception, in the Second Post-War Europeanist Movements, of the perception and the role played by Eastern Europe, as a geopolitical and geo-cultural concept, in the institutional project of the federalist Carlo Cattaneo. He inserted the Eastern Europe in a supranational context, namely United States of Europe, for which he yearned a configuration similar to the United States of America. For the Europeanist Movements, as for the Cattaneo’s project, the Europe certainly not comprised only Western countries but watched with great attention to the eastern States of the Old Continent.