La crisi libica nel contesto internazionale: scenari recenti e possibili soluzioni

The Libyan crisis in the international context: recent scenarios and possible solutions


  • Giovanni Buccianti

Parole chiave:

Libyan crisis, International relations, Oil, Diplomacy, Libyan politics


With a parallelism between the post-World War II period and some recent scenarios in the 2000s, this essay aims to analyse the Libyan crisis in the international context. The interests of the actors involved, particularly those of European countries and the US, have played a fundamental role over time, contributing –  especially after the fall of the Gaddafi regime – to the destabilisation of the country, which is still in a fluid condition today. Despite the contingent difficulties and the emergence of new factors of instability, the essay identifies the “federal solution” as a possible key to the definitive pacification of Libya.