La presidenza di Jimmy Carter e i diritti umani

Jimmy Carter’s presidency and human rights


  • Giuseppe Mammarella

Parole chiave:

Jimmy Carter, Human rights, Domestic policy, International relations, Cold War


This essay aims to analyse the path that Carter brought forward on the issue of human rights, probably the battle of greater distinction undertaken by the Presidency in the space of four years. Starting from the criticism to President Carter after his defeat against Reagan, the contribution highlights not only the critical aspects – both in domestic policy and in foreign policy – but also the successes and the lesser-known points of the debate on issues related to the positions of President of Plains, going over the ratings so regarded by the American public opinion. The qualities, policies, program and terms of presidential office that Carter tried in every way to recover – especially after the events of Watergate – represented the reference points of a complex mandate, but, however, significant to the history of United States.