La Russia e il contrasto al multilateralismo europeo. Cenni storici e prospettive di sviluppo

Russia and the opposition against European multilateralism. Historical notes and development prospects


  • Francesco Randazzo

Parole chiave:

European multilateralism, Russia, Security Strategy, Putin, UE, USA


Relations between Russia and Europe, as never before, have reached a point so complex to understand. And yet, since 1991, history seemed to have taken a different direction: Gorbachev’s policies of openness (Glasnost), Yeltsin’s “apparently” collaborative attitude, the connections established with Europe by Putin, in a nutshell, all presaged a period of peaceful coexistence between Russia and the rest of the world. How will the story go? The path that democracy will choose, will depend on many variables, including evaluating Russian administration’s choices, which has temporarily closed bridges with European civilization. The role that European multilateralism will play is still difficult to judge, it will depend on the ability of Western leaders to pursuit common goals. For the time being only chaos and a desire for peace.