La guerra russo-ucraina e la fine delle illusioni del 1989

The Russian-Ukrainian war and the end of the 1989 illusions


  • Francesco Tuccari

Parole chiave:

End of history, Identity, Nations and nationalism, Old and new wars, Democracy, Europe, History of Political Thought


Without claiming to be exhaustive, this paper aims to discuss some of the most profound and relevant consequences of the recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the international crisis that has ensued. The author argues that this war – in addition to the terrible damage inflicted on the Ukrainians, the world economy and the international order – has definitively destroyed the three great illusions that had emerged in the years of the fall of communisms and the end of the bipolar age: the illusion of obsolescence of the «old» wars between States; the illusion of the irresistible triumph of democracies on a planetary scale; the illusion of the definitive collapse of national identities.