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Paolo D’Agostino Orsini di Camerota, pioniere della cooperazione euro-africana

Paolo D’Agostino Orsini di Camerota, pioneer of Euro-African cooperation


  • Silvio Berardi

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Paolo D’Agostino Orsini di Camerota, Europe, Africa, Euro-African cooperation, United States of Africa


This essay aims to reconstruct the concept of Eurafrica in the work of Paolo D’Agostino Orsini di Camerota, Africanist and Historian of international relations. Its conception was initially anchored to propaganda intentions in support of the fascist regime and therefore ready to support a primitive position of disparity between the two continents, the result of ideologies praising the superiority of the white race. After World War II, this position changed, albeit gradually. It was now necessary to have Euro-African cooperation on a level of full equality, projected towards the construction of the United States of Africa, in a perspective which he summarized in the motto: «Europe for Africa and Africa for Europe».