Da Pétain a de Gaulle. La Francia durante la Seconda guerra mondiale nel giudizio di Luigi Sturzo

From Pétain to de Gaulle. France during the Second World War in the judgment of Luigi Sturzo


  • Giampaolo Malgeri

Parole chiave:

Luigi Sturzo, France, Vichy, Charles de Gaulle, Catholics


Over the years that went between the advent of Pétain and the Gaullist revenche against the disastrous experience of the Nazi occupation, Luigi Sturzo – exiled in the United States – exerted a constant role as critical observer. Despite the “lost battle”, which is to rehabilitate Italy after the experience of Fascism, his acute lectures of the international context during and after the Second World War had a profound resonance among Catholics, and beyond. The contextualisation of these analysis gives us a clear vision of the sharpness of Luigi Sturzo, always ready to fight hard and, at the same time, open to the recognition of his own limits.