L’Europa oltre il buio della pandemia

Europe beyond the darkness of the pandemic


  • Michela Luzi

Parole chiave:

Europe, solidarity, COVID-19, freedom, European social model


The health situation caused by COVID-19 has further put Europe and, more generally, the European social model in crisis. The pandemic is the classic tip of the iceberg, which has brought out the many critical issues that the globalization process has gradually produced in the past years, allowing politics to give way to undemocratic rules of the economy and markets, renouncing to govern processes and refusing their own prerogatives. The dramatic pandemic has highlighted the limits and consequences of this state of affairs and of the deficits of politics, which cannot manage the emergencies of the situation. In this scenario, Europe represents the model of anti-politics, in which a bottom-up cultural revolution must be initiated, which is based on solidarity and on the implementation of the governance process in order to stop the ongoing decline.